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As a leading member and voice in the outdoor community, your participation can have a strong impact. Your company’s support of the Raise Them Right™ movement will amplify the good word and efforts of your business along with that of trusted organizations in the outdoor and shooting sports that are engaged in youth mentoring programs and activities.

By serving as the hub for outdoor industry members and businesses concerned with promoting youth participation in the outdoor sports and next-generation recruitment, Raise Them Right™ offers industry coordination, messaging, and outreach avenues that help overcome the challenges our industry has traditionally faced when trying to “go it alone.”

We do this by:

  • Delivering a strong and sustained social media presence that showcases the great works of companies and individuals engaged with youth mentoring and activities.
  • Acting as a “clearing house” channel to promote your company’s and other outdoor industry members’ initiatives aligned with youth mentoring and education.
    Inspirational Items
  • Providing a window cling decal for your business, limited samples of on-product hang tags and/or product inserts, along with access to print-ready artwork for reproduction. These items help direct consumer participation and awareness of this movement, thereby elevating your company’s involvement and support in securing America’s future.
  • Positioning your brand as a supporter of Raise Them Right™ across the movement’s public touchpoints.
  • Directing consumers and the general public to your company’s in-house programs and initiatives with the mission of engaging and mentoring America’s children in the outdoor lifestyle.
  • Providing expanded awareness of your company’s philanthropic endeavors as they relate to America’s youth.
  • Providing Icons and badges for use on your digital and social platforms, inclusion of your company in the RTR Hall of Fame with links to your properties.
  • Including a spokesperson or representative of your company on RTR media efforts and content marketing, such as podcasts and Q&A interviews with company leadership and spokespersons.
  • Providing a passionate and connected audience with product discounts, events, and virtue-signaling messaging about your brand.
  • Providing RTR content for the participating brands to use with your social media and affiliate marketing.
  • Connecting participating companies with a RTR alumni group on a peer-to-peer level based on common objectives and values.
  • Communicating and educating to overcome misinformation in the market about shooting, hunting, and outdoor sports.
  • Allowing upcoming leaders, marketers, messaging and public-facing leadership to champion the “program” and increase awareness. Participation in RTR can be a platform for raising up next generation of socially involved leaders.

What Next? How to Get Rolling Together

To learn how your company can support the Raise Them Right™ movement and become a supporting member, email