3 Easy Ways to Raise Them Right™

Helping Hand
  1. Join the Movement! Take the Pledge and Get Cool Stuff

    Add your name to a growing online community that pledges to stand for traditional virtues and values that build a legacy of respect, responsibility, and patriotic legacy in families and particularly in the next generation.

    Get your FREE Raise Them Right™ Window Cling to proudly display and promote this movement on your vehicle, business, or home. Plant your flag in the soil of the values and virtues upon which our great nation was founded. Be counted among other parents and mentors who are committed to equip our youth to lead the future forward.

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  2. Discover What’s Here for You!

    Here on the Raise Them Right™ website, explore the key virtues and values that parents and mentors can instill and reinforce while spending intentional time with young people.

    Connect with others who share your core family values. Become inspired by the stories of others who are investing quality time to shape and mentor youth.

    Benefit from excellent American companies and nonprofit organizations who with their product, services, and community outreach support parents and mentors in the quest to raise up the next generation of leaders, and who boldly combat the growing epidemic of fatherlessness.

    Learn how your company or cause-driven organization can participate as a sponsor or a partner organization.

  3. Engage with Us!

    Share Experiences

    Be part of an uplifting community that shares personal stories of how you or your organization carries the baton forward to Raise Them Right™. Looking for good news, ideas for establishing a legacy of positive virtues and values, and inspiring feel-good stories? You’ll find them HERE!

    Support the Movement

    To learn how you or your organization can participate in Raise Them Right™ to be a force multiplier for your philanthropy initiatives, Click HERE.

    Values and Virtues

    Values and virtues are what define our character and guide actions. They are among the most important lessons and legacies we can build up in young people.

    Never before has there been such competition for their time and attention. In a busy and distracting world, without the intentional effort and a commitment of parents and mentors to teach and model youth while spending quality time with them, values erode and virtues evaporate.

    Learn about the Values & Virtues that we pledge to support and promote through Raise Them Right™.